This is an incomplete but constantly updated reading list of left leaning analysis, contextual reading and other online resources concerning Bill 37, the NSGEU strike and the labour situation in Halifax. If I am missing anything feel free to comment and I will try to add it.

(Due to the difficulty in keeping up with every news piece that comes out I am limiting this to broader analysis, opinion and interpretation)

Heavy blow to workers signals high time for a unified left by Solidarity Halifax

Nova Scotia nurses are pulling the red cord on health care by Larry Haiven

Fixing what ails nurses in the health-care system by Ralph Surette

On Gender, Work and Bill 37 by Chris Parsons (me)

Bill 37 – Cutting Nova Scotia’s Unions off at the Knees by Larry Haiven

A Look At The Health Impacts Of The Nova Scotia Liberal’s Attack On Workers’ Rights by Jason Edwards

Bill 37: Taking away the voice of health-care workers in Nova Scotia by Adrienne Silnicki

Video: Halifax labour lawyer Ray Larkin at Law Amendments Committee speaking against Bill 37

Nova Scotia nurses raise important questions about health care by Stephen Kimber

“It’s not about one contract, it’s about where this is taking us.” by Robert Devet

Contextual pieces not related directly to the strike or bill but which may be helpful:

A Day Without Care by Sarah Jaffe

Strike for America: The CTU and the Democrats by Micah Uetrecht